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Skins for vanBasco's Karaoke Player

You can now create and modify skins for vanBasco's Karaoke Player: a skin editor is finally available. You can download it here, 187 KBytes. (If you are looking for pre-made skins to download, go to our skin gallery.)

So how do you get started? First of all, you cannot create a new skin "from scratch" - the skin editor requires you to create a new skin file by borrowing from an already existing skin. The advantage is that, at any one time, you will have a skin implementing all display windows, not just the ones you've already painted: you simply replace the images of an existing skin one at a time.

To get an idea what is required for each display window, the best way is to open the player's default skin, "default.lyt", in the skin editor. Play around with some of the controls, and have a closer look at the images for each window, in particular, the off-screen portions. Make a few changes, save the skin, restart the player, and see what the effect is. Once you feel comfortable using the skin editor, you can design your own skin, i.e., begin by painting a new image for the main program window.

For each window, you'll first need to create the window as it should look like if all controls are "off". In addition, you'll have to provide images for the additional states of each control, as required. For instance, for a push button, you need to supply two additional images: how the button should look like when the mouse pointer is moved above the button, and how it should look like when the user presses the button. Again, having a closer look at the original skin included with the player will usually tell you how it works in any particular instance.

Once you have painted your first window, you replace the existing image with the one you created using "Import..." in the "File" menu. The skin editor allows you to import both Windows bitmap files (.bmp) or JPEG files (.jpg).

After you have imported the new image, you need to align all the controls for the window. When you're done, save the skin to the folder where the player resides (usually C:\Program Files\vanBasco's Karaoke Player). Open the player and go to the setup dialog by clicking the note button in the main program window and select "Setup...". In the misc tab, select the filename you chose for your skin. Restart the player to test your skin.

When you're finished designing a skin, please let us know. We'll be happy to post your skin in our skin gallery for others to download it.

If you need assistance using the skin editor, feel free to contact us using our feedback form.