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Sing Us a Song, Karaoke Man!

Sfortunatamente, questa pagina è disponibile solo in inglese.

After spending time researching Karaoke by visiting local bars during Karaoke night and by experimenting with friends and a Karaoke machine, it seemed like the English translation for Karaoke might be "don't quit your day job." However, a little more research turned up the real meaning: "empty orchestra."

Karaoke started in Kansai, Japan, in 1984, and quickly spread to worldwide popularity. It's not hard to find a bar hosting a "Karaoke Night" or a "Karaoke Contests." Wannabe singers flock to these bars and line up to belt out their best number for a fleeting moment of micro-fame. What's the appeal of the Karaoke craze? Is it that moment in the spotlight?

Apparently not, judging by the popularity of a new kind of Karaoke: computer Karaoke. It's more likely that, simply put, people just love to sing their hearts out. According to "Karaoke Scene," a California magazine that has grown to a nationwide circulation of 40,000, there are two kinds of people in the world: "people who love to sing and people who haven't found out they love to sing yet."

With computer Karaoke, you can be a star in the privacy of your own home. Karaoke software provides the means for users to hear the background music and see lyrics light up on cue. Judging by the number of Web sites for computer Karaoke fans, this is a popular trend in computer entertainment.

To turn your computer into a slammin' jammin' karaoke machine, you must have the software to play the file (like vanBasco's Karaoke Player). While you can use a regular MIDI player, to hear the music, then you wouldn't be able to see the lyrics. Click here for more information on the technical aspects.

Next you need to download some song files. Most files will come zipped up, meaning they've been compressed for quick download. To 'unzip' song files, use a decompression program, such as WinZip, and then load the song into your player.

Then, invite everyone you know into your computer room (or should we say, your swingin' lounge?) and ask them to sit back and relax. Serve refreshments. Dim the lights. Press play. Now sing your little heart out for're even better than you think.

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