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John Davy (31kb)
Music from 1800-1860
00cj.mid (1 mirror)

John Braham (16kb)
Music from 1800-1860
05aw.mid (1 mirror)

John Hutchinson (53kb)
Music from 1800-1860
43togs.mid (1 mirror)

John Braham (30kb)
Music from 1866-1899
74so.mid (1 mirror)

John Braham (19kb)
Music from 1866-1899
74odw.mid (1 mirror)

John Braham (18kb)
Music from 1866-1899
76pour.mid (1 mirror)

John Newton / 1844 The Prodigal Son John Newton, 1779 (arr. E. J. King) (40kb)
American Spirituals and Sacred Harp Music
The_Prodigal_Son.mid (1 mirror)

Father John / Wurzel 022/041; 1883-24136@LoC (23kb)
The Music of George Frederick Root (1820-1895)
gfr55b.mid (1 mirror)

John Tolson / MIDIs & MP3s (30kb)
NEW HOPE MUSIC - MIDI Arrangements of Ralph Merrifield songs
splendor.tolson.mid (1 mirror)

John Barleycorn / anon. England (25kb)
Folk Songs
John_Barleycorn.mid (1 mirror)

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